Welcome to my Word Press page. This page is about anything and everything related to combating Tyranny, Oligarchy, and Plutocracy. It aims to stimulate dialogue about the inhumanity of manUnkind to mankind.

Why did I choose, NENIU JUSTECO, NENIU PACO as the title?  NENIU JUSTECO, NENIU PACO is the Esperanto for NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE.  Why did I choose Esperanto? Arguably for ideological reasons. Esperanto is a language constructed by the Polish-Jew oculist Ludovik Lazarus Zamenhof.

IN A LETTER OF 1905, LUDOVIK LAZARUS ZAMENHOF, the Jewish oculist from Warsaw who created and founded Esperanto, wrote: “My Jewishness has been the main reason why, from earliest childhood, I have given my all for a single great idea, a single dream – the dream of the unity of humankind.”  Zamenhof, who in 1887 published his plan for an international language under the name “Doktoro Esperanto” – one who hopes – described his passage from Zionism to Esperanto as “cross[ing] the Rubicon.” From the far side he would look back at Zionism, to be sure, but he never revisited his decision to cross over. At worst, it’s a guilty apology by a once-ardent Zionist who abandoned Jewish nationhood – a man whose three adult children, 25 years after his death in 1917, were slain by the Nazis, one at gunpoint, two at Treblinka.Because

Because I have taken up this vison of a society for all of humanity, albeit later in my life than wisdom would dictate, I have developed a strong interest in Esperanto and the Idealism of the Movement.

I will use Enlish, the language of the dominant Plutocracy, in this blog. Most readers will be too lazy, stubborn, or prejudiced to learn Esperanto. Did I mention that I will not show your EGOS any mercy?

This blog and site will not pamper EGO. I will not kiss any oligarchical or Plutocratic ass. I will offend most of my readers from time to time for being too lazy to think for themselves. Be assured I am just as hard on myself as I am you, dear reader. I expect of you and myself that, in this modern-day of mass exchange of information and resource data bases, you and I should be able to read, analyze, and discard useless diatribe and propaganda in the process of truly forming our own intelligent understanding of what is occurring in the MATRIX. When we fail to do so successfully, we have made an error, become lazy, or failed due diligence. For,

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